Our clients have included Surrey Group, Sabie Meats, Zimbeef, Fivet, Kuvimba Harvest, Midland Acres and Sherwood Park Estates.

Collaborative partnerships for growth with clients extend across the agribusiness sphere from row cropping, feed milling, veterinary supplies and chicken and beef breeding, feeding and processing to distribution and retail.

Global Mobility – Experience and Current Projects

Global Mobility has consulted to Sabie Meats since 2014 and made a significant contribution to the development of value chain linkages in their beef business.

Global Mobility was engaged initially to focus on strategic growth and improve overall operational efficiencies through the development of a performance management system including Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

At the same time, weaknesses in the supply chain were identified, leading to the current focus on backward integration with a view to ultimately developing export markets.

The Community Livestock Centre Concept

As Sabie Meats buys 99% of its beef from some 500 smallholders, we believe that the solution is capacity building for smallholders, which will be achieved through the development of several Community Livestock Centres (CLCs) in strategic locations in the Sabie Meats beef production area.

Global Mobility has targeted donor funding for these CLCs, which will be based on a concept initially developed by Sabie Meats. CLCs will support smallholder growth through the development of livestock agri-hubs to provide breeding support and supplementary feeding interventions (powered by fodder production schemes). Smallholders will also gain access to veterinary supplies and services and animal husbandry best practice training and education.

The resulting improvements in offtake rates, and carcass weights and grades, will have a substantial effect on producer incomes and contribute significantly to community upliftment. The anticipated benefits for Sabie Meats will include a strengthened value chain, improved market access and enhanced brand equity in Zimbabwe. Performance management leading to increased operational efficiencies will benefit all stakeholders.

Global Mobility will actively support this capacity building initiative – which will see three CLCs established over the next three years – by creating linkages between stakeholders and arranging access to funding. We firmly believe that the CLC approach is the only sustainable way to make smallholder and emerging farmers sustainable in Zimbabwe.