Global mobility is able to create links between diverse stakeholders in the national agricultural sector to the benefit of all, through arranging access to donor grant and loan finance.

These funds are earmarked for projects which strengthen every link in the value chain, from the nutritional health of individual livestock to the genetic viability and adaptation of national herds; through increased supply to abattoirs and improved yield per carcass; to education and skills training. We have successfully implemented a number of projects to prove these concepts.

The key success factor is linking driven and inspired individuals.

How we create links to achieve value chain development:

  • 1

    Integrated value analysis

    Feasibility studies

    Business plan development

    Identification and repair of gaps and weak links in value chains

  • 2

    Access to funding

    Leveraging funds to achieve greatest possible social and economic returns

    Developing partnerships to target enterprise development contributions and access concessional debt

  • 3

    Strengthening and adding value to the supply chain

    Facilitating capacity building

    Education and training

  • 4

    Formalisation of stakeholder communications and projects

  • Linkages

    Global Mobility is able to link stakeholders including smallholder and emerging producers, technical advisors, commercial processors, markets, local and national government, communities and financiers. While each region or country will likely have different starting points, the value chain linkages required are very similar when trying to ensure sustainable agri project development.

    The key success factor is linking driven and inspired individuals.

    We are perfectly positioned to be your implementation partner. Global Mobility can design commercially viable projects to enable access and promote sustainable development, and source the finance necessary to implement them.

    Global mobility adds strength and resilience to value chains:

  • Innovative, scalable, replicable and financially sustainable solutions

  • Positive socio-economic and environmental impacts – improving the existing system

  • Increased availability of finance

  • Enhanced knoweldge generation and information dissemination

  • Effective and Cost-efficient collaborations between stakeholders